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fountains, water art

updated fri 7 jul 06


syrylyn on tue 4 jul 06

Do any of you make outdoor, or indoor fountains? =20
I have been wanting to buy a fountain for our patio and have looked =
around a bit. Then I decided to go to the library and found a few how =
to do it books. So as I was showing my husband an idea in one of the =
books, he said, Why don't you use that piece you were going to make a =
lamp out of 15 years ago. I said........hmmm, that is an idea. So now =
I'm thinking of running a hose up the center of the piece. It is ball =
shape, about the size of a large globe. It is made out of stoneware, =
press molded with flowers, weeds and assorted textural things and gas =
fired with iron oxide stains. And I am thinking of other things to add =
to the arrangement. And of course what to flow the water into. I might =
make a bigger bowl shape similar to the ball shape. The mind is =
But back to the question...have any of you made one of a kind fountains =
for yourself? Or done a few for friends. Or even large scale fountains =
or waterfalls that you have sold. I'd love to see ideas that you have =
incorporated into your fountains or water art. Not to copy, but to see =
what others have created to fill the desire for running or dripping =
water in your space. It could be a good idea for a book. Although =
limited in appeal. But often the things I look to find in books are not =
of general public interest. =20
Hope this sparks some conversation about what has inspired this kind of =
outdoor art, and how some of you have satisfied your creative urge in =
this direction. =20
Thanks, Sandy Meadors
"Magic Happens"

Penni Stoddart on tue 4 jul 06

I made a fountain a few years ago for my own back yard. I bought a huge
clay pot from Walmart (one bigger then I could have made and/or fired). In
it is a cement brick with a pump (also bought at Walmart) in the centre. The
first time I built the fountain I put a hole into one of my big platters and
put a pedestal type pot on top also with a hole in the middle. Arranged
around the platter on top of chicken wire were large shards of pots I'd
This year and last everything is the same except that instead of using a
platter and pedestal pot I am using a large bowl with a funky rim that I had
made as a shower gift for a cousin but it cracked in the glaze firing. My
son has added to the funky rim by breaking it during several driveway hockey
If you would like a picture of the current fountain let me know via e-mail
at penelopepots(at)

Bonnie Staffel on wed 5 jul 06
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syrylyn on wed 5 jul 06

Thank you for sharing your web page. You have some beautiful pieces and
some very interesting glazes. Thanks
Sandy Meadors
"Magic Happens"
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je motzkin on thu 6 jul 06

Hi, here is a link to a page with some
of my fountains I did while I was designing
the small waterfall and pond in my yard.

Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 13:55:48 -0500
From: syrylyn
Subject: Re: Fountains, water art

jmotzkin at

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