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surfing with helen bates - canada day: july 1,

updated mon 3 jul 06


Helen Bates on sat 1 jul 06

2004 - Old kiln technology; Deruta school (Italy); Bonsai Book (Japan)

Surfing with Helen Bates - Canada Day: July 1, 2004 - Old kiln
technology; Deruta school (Italy); Bonsai Book (Japan)

Brickmaking History (Isle of Wight) (UK)

Industries of Cumbria - Bricks (Cumbria, UK)
(Describes the "Scotch" kiln [updraught/updraft kiln])

Industries of Cumbria - Tile making (Cumbria, UK)
(Scotch kiln)

Technology and work at The Monastery of Øm (Emborg, Denmark)
(Photograph from an exhibition of a modified "scotch" type Brick kiln
built into a bank) ("The brick kiln was a quadrangular building that as
a rule was dug into a slope giving support to three of the sides. On
the fourth side was the stoking channel. The kiln was not covered but
it was possible to position turf over it to regulate the draught."

Crafts and Village Industry - Pottery
(Kiln plans: Waste oil fired pottery kiln; small rectangular gas-fired
kiln; colour temperature guide; salt glaze instructions, including use
of boric acid with salt) (Text and diagrams) (From Alex Weir's CD3WD
Project: (AW was born in Kilmarnock, Scotland. He
lives in Harare, Zimbabwe but works internationally in computer

Tony Yeh (Century Online China Art Networks - Ceramic Art)
(Article on wood-firing, with comparison of stacking methods of
contemporary wood-firers and those using electric or gas kilns)

School of Ceramics (Deruta, Italy) (English and Italian)
(Classical Italian earthenware maiolica artisanry with images of
throwing, etc. Click on "Ceramics manufacture techniques at Deruta
MOD" for photos of a Deruta artisan throwing a tall lidded jar,
followed by glazing and decorating by other workers.) (The home page of
the Deruta MOD images is Deruta Italian hand painted tableware
ceramics: (Note that two or three of the
captions have been hacked, but no essential harm seems to have been

Higuchi Takeshi (Bonsai Guide Book In Japan)
(Illustrated online book about Japanese Bonsai, some of which has been
translated into English)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada

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Roger Korn on sun 2 jul 06

Another great link at this site is:
This link is THE BEST adobe block site I've seen. I'm building with adobe in AZ and can attest to this site having got it right.
When I get the house done, I'll have time for clay again.

Roger Korn