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countdown to show/locking up your tools

updated thu 29 jun 06


Elizabeth Priddy on wed 28 jun 06

In design studio at State, we all shared common studio
space and lots of things got borrowed in the dark of

We each had our own areas and at our heavy table, each
of us had a foot locker with a chain mounted to the
table. Only the bits that you would be really upset
if you lost them went in the locker, everything else
was scattered.

Also, I worked in a communal studio space for a while
with no space for personal tools available and a
toughtote with a lid permanently fixed in the trunk of
your car would hold the larger things. Duplicates if
you can afford them is great, so that the box in the
car is identical to the box in your studio.

Also, for special trimming tools and roulettes and all
that, a large fishing tackle fold out box works great
and is convenient to carry. For charm, a picknic
basket is good too, but not as washable.

I carry my brushes and chops in a special box that is
small enough to keep convenient wherever I am working
and when I leave the room, it does too, when I am off.
Too many things in there that are irreplacable.

The raku firing when well today during a tiny window
in the rain. More to be done tomorrow if the weather

Off to mail 200 postcards to good mailing list. 2000
ready to hand out like water during mural competition
on Sunday during Pepsi SailAmerica's. Going to have
work to show samples and a catalog book for people to
browse, but have to come to the studio to buy.
Except Mermaid prints, which are easy to reproduce.
The mermaid tiles are another story, but they will
probably not be ready. But the Alternative fire work,
the raku work, the paintings on board, the cb
paintings on tile, the whiteware with CB painting, the
mermaid prints and cards, the marble pots, the egret
slabs, rice bowls, table service and paintings on rice
paper are. Three more electric firings, two more day
sessions of raku and then I get to rest by painting a
mural from 8 am til 4 pm on Sunday.

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And
taking pictures today.

What the hell was I thinking...

Thanks for the support and good luck. It is working
because today is the first day it has not rained since
Friday and I have to raku twice more to finish this.

Keeps the fingers crossed and a good thought, eh?


Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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