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mishy's kids

updated wed 28 jun 06


JOYCE LEE on tue 27 jun 06

I said:
"I guess I discounted Mishy's three children as being some sort of =
for I admired them and their relationship with their mom from our first
meeting.... so smart, such fine manners, self-confident, loving, and
obviously well-educated. Somebody was doing a Fine Job ..... made me
wish I'd done the same for my own."
Just to clarify to the few who took the time to read my post on Home
Schooling....... about 20 have responded privately which to me means
it's not out of line to put this on Clayart.

I'm quoting from my own post about the children of Mishy from Arizona=20
who were the first homeschoolers I'd met who were such wonderful
role models for students anywhere. Although I'm sure Kelly's Molly
and the boys are equally wonderful examples, I was speaking of Mishy's
crew. They attended parts of a woodfiring with Jack Troy. No problem
and added a lot to my and #1's enjoyment.

In the Mojave desert of California USA

Elizabeth Priddy on tue 27 jun 06

I apologise to kelly, Mishy, and you.

I munged your kind remarks about all those kids.

Perhaps you will meet Logan someday and you will get
to see if I ruin him or not. All I ask is that you
only tell me that he is perfect and we will be fine.

Thanks for heads up. I read your post and just
assumed that in all the clay stuff you and kelly had
attended that hers had met you as well.



Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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