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hay creek firings/wood kiln

updated tue 27 jun 06


mel jacobson on mon 26 jun 06

i have added three pictures to our clayart website.
just click below.

we have expanded our stack...added a few rows, and
donovan palmquist felt it should be a bit wider. the
fix was perfect. the entire stack is very tightly mortared.

the second picture shows how donovan added a brick
grate to catch the wood, and added an air supply under
the burning wood. it too, worked like a charm. almost
no ash, and without doubt, no unburned charcoal or
wood pieces. he added a triangle of brick right in the
front of the pots to act as a bag wall. it too seemed
to deflect the flame very well.

the third picture is a glance at the pots still warm as
they greeted us. very good wood effect, and most of
the pots had light coats of glaze or slip. we did not fire for
snot and was almost a clean and glossy.
medium reduction.

on a personal note, my hand built pieces were crap. they
de laminated, looked like hell, and were smashed and thrown
into the dumpster as fast as i could get them out. phew, glad
there were no photos.

i did have some lovely pots in the firing however...and a big thanks
to those that fired that wonderful, real, 100 percent wood fired
kiln. we did not need or use gas as it fired far too fast as it was.

we had to hold back the fire after about 12 hours. just let it soak
and hold as long as we all the cones in the kiln to drop
at cone 12/13.

we are planning another firing for late september.

the salt kiln is going to be taken down then too. and we
are going to do a complete rebuild/ we think all 28's inside
with itc dip of the entire brick, then spray the kiln with a coat
of shino glaze. sort of a new idea/softbrick test again.

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