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e's mfa

updated tue 27 jun 06


Marcia Selsor on sun 25 jun 06

I don't know E.
When I was in my MFA program, my Art History component really sucked
my brains into researching a specific topic. Meanwhile, electives in
printmaking and metals
also sucked me in. Then there was the weekend salt firings at Nick
Vergette's farm/ pond. kiln site. I think I was the only grad student
with salt glaze ( in downtown Philly) experience. MFAs on campus do
demand %150 of one's life. Good luck with your intentions.
I like your program outline, but you are lacking the accreditation
standards which verifies all of it. I don't mean to rain on your parade.
Marcia Selsor, MFA, Professor Emerita, MSU Billings

On Jun 25, 2006, at 8:06 PM, Elizabeth Priddy wrote:

> And so it begins. I assume that anyone with a
> particular attitude
> toward
> academia will now dismiss me with that same
> one-size-fits-all
> philosophy. Technically, though, I don't become an
> empty academic
> elitist pretender until September. I am not yet ruint.
> -Kelly
> _______________________________
> You should leave me out of that. I am a proud
> intellectual who admires academics. I don't know why
> or how you classed me in with people who think like
> this implies but it is just not a correct fit.
> And I am not putting myself down, I genuinely cannot
> dance. I fail in group dynamics except in the case
> where I am teaching. Somehow that brings out the
> compassionate nurturer in me, whereas any other group
> situation tends to bring out my resistance to being a
> sheep and going along to get along. I apparently only
> dance well when I am beating my own drum, a hard act,
> but I have it down.
> I know myself and don't even have a meter to call my
> own, much less calibrate. Argument is a relaxing
> pass-time, not cut-throat. I only GAS about things
> that really matter to me, and those things are my
> business alone unless I am cornered and angry about
> it.
> I was writing about a process, not a word or even two.
> And the only thing you quoted to make a remark about
> my sense of humor is one bit that was not meant to be
> funny at all. Or was that sarcasm?
> Not my sister! that is funny. You and she would
> come back with exactly the same Myers-Briggs...I just
> know it. She also tap-dances and when the approval is
> not forthcoming at the end of her dance she is usually
> hurt, angry, or some rather gruesome combination of
> the two.
> Good thing she is so great, which makes the daily
> sideshow tolerable. She also is a fantastic mother.
> The proof is in her great kids. I'ld have to meet
> yours and spend some time with them before I would
> pass judgement on your parenting skills. Which I
> would, as on the M-B, I am a J for judgemental. An
> ENTJ, to be exact, a rare breed, I think 4% of the
> population comes out that way. It makes for weak
> group social skills among other traits.
> (I was tested for this in school, by the way, so some
> good came of the public funded eduacation-the same
> battery of tests showed that I read really well and
> that my future occupation should be a self-employed
> mechanic of some kind-so I guess I am living the
> dream...)
> Remember, sisterhood is powerful, if you let it be.
> Again, the point of my original post, happy birthday.
> E
> Elizabeth Priddy
> Beaufort, NC - USA

Marcia Selsor