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place top work in the madison area...

updated mon 26 jun 06


Jim Brooks on thu 22 jun 06

a friend of mine from Dallas,, has just moved to the Madison, WI area..
When she decided to move she sold her kilns and supplies etc rather than try
to move them She did however take her wheel..

She has been trying to find a studio, school, etc. to work clay a couple of
days a week until she gets set up again.. She has been enrolled in classes
at North Lake College in Irving Texas for years.... In addition to
helping other students she has also functioned as lab assistant.. on Saturdays...
She has been involved in pit firing, terra sig projects, horse hair raku
etc. and has a good knowledge of all of these.. and has done some
glaze/testing work also..

******Also she is a full time professional photographer. and could do
fantastic things for slides for shows and contests... If she were here i would
give her a key to my studio just for the slide work etc......and let her
use the clay of her choice......

Out of desperation.. she paid $150.00 to work at Murray Hill Pottery Works
in Milwaukee. And as i understand will have to pay $25.00 for a 25 lb bag of
clay and can only use their clay..!!!!! . This seems inordinately
expensive and borders on the "Oil Company Mentality".. at $5.00 a gallon
type stuff... She is a prolific thrower and could go thru 100 lbs of clay in
a day without really trying...

So HELP !!!!! Please!!!! does anyone know of anyplace in that area ,
around Madison Wi where she could work a few days a week for a reasonable price
and purchase clay at something closer to market price than $100 per 100
pounds. Is there a community college network or school available there? Any
help would be appreicated.

PLEASE let me know Jim in Denton...

Helen Bates on sun 25 jun 06

Hi Jim,

Here are some (probably not all) potteries in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

Some of these may offer classes and/or studio rental. Others, I have
included just for interest.

The University of Wisconsin, Madison (Madison, WI):
(UWM has an outreach program at the Union Craftshop studio offering wheels
and kilns, and non-credit classes.) Phone: 608-262-1282

Door Pottery and Lakeside Pottery, Inc. (Madison, WI):
Door Pottery: (Owner: Potter Scott Draves)
Lakeside Pottery Inc.: (Owner: Steve Becker [as of 2004])
(Lakeside Pottery Inc. may offer pottery classes and rental studio space,
according to information from 2004. The two businesses have the same
address but different owners, it seems. Phone: 608-274-5511

Other resources to check:

Ira Slatter (Higher Fire Clay Studio, Madison, WI):
Teaches beginning and intermediate throwing) Phone: 608-233-3050

Laura J. Hammond (Clay Circus) (Madison, WI)
(Offers or did offer Clay art and pottery classes, studio space for ceramic
artists and potters, firing services, and fetail sales of low-fire clay as
well as her own earthenware functional and funky sculptural work)

Kyle Kreigh (Madison, WI):
(I don't think he is set up for sharing studio space himself though he may
know of studios where your friend could work.) Phone: 608-257-1229

Brook Bell Johnson (Tinamou Pottery) Madison, Wisconsin
(Potter located in Stoughton, WI, somewhat SE of Madison)

Rowe Pottery (Cambridge, WI) (E. of Madison)
(Production pottery)

Peter Wakefield Jackson (P. Wakefield Co. Ltd.) (Cambridge, WI) (E. of Madison)
(Production pottery associated with the Guy Wolff Pottery.) (No information
on accessibility to studio for other potters)

Mark Skudlarek ( Cambridge Wood-fired Pottery, Cambridge, WI) (E. of Madison)
Phone: 608-423-4507

Kevin Hicks (Ephraim Faience Pottery) (Deerfield, WI) (E. of Madison)
(Quality Arts and Crafts pottery in earthenware and stoneware)
(Employs 5-6 potters, as well as decorators) Phone: 608-764-1302

Eric E. Olson (Common Ground Pottery) (Madison, WI)
(American Art Pottery) Phone: 608-255-2744

Rick Hintze (Johnson Creek Clay Studio) (Johnson Creek, WI) (E. of Madison)
(functional stoneware and porcelain pots) Phone: 920-699-2529

Joel Huntley (Wisconsin Pottery) (Columbus, WI)
Sophisticated slip-painted redware


Helen Bates on sun 25 jun 06

Hi again, Jim,

OK, there doesn't seem to be as much in Milwaukee as around Madison,
but here's what I could find for Pottery in Milwaukee:

School of Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Phone: 414-227-3360

Ann M Mory-Wydeven (Milwaukee, WI)
(Mosaic work on clay) Phone: 414-224-9564

Jean Smaglik Wells (Jean's Clay Studio) (Brown Deer, WI) (Slightly north of Milwaukee)
Phone: 414-365-9619

Creative Fire (Wauwatosa, WI)
(Has classes in wheel thrown pottery, hand building techniques, and
studio time) Phone: 414-443-9402

Claire Berger (Claire Bailey) (Geneva Art Pottery) (Lake Geneva, WI)
(Wood fire facility some distance W-S-W of Milwaukee.)
and (Lincoln Art Pottery) (Milwaukee, WI)
(Takes one apprentice per year) Phone: 262-248-9078

Eric Friedericks (Elemental Pottery) (Brodhead, WI) (S. of Madison)
(Nice clean website) (Apprentised to Tony Winchester of Cambridge)
(Built his own dual firebox wood-fired kiln) Phone: 608.897.8267

You're welcome, and of course, so is Pat. :)


--- wrote:

> Helen,... thank you so much for this information.. I have been
> informed
> since i sent the "call for help" that Pat lives in Wauwatosa. but
> she would
> drive that distance to find a place to work.. Surely, she can
> get help
> from all this information..!!! Thank you again Hope i can
> be of help to
> you sometimes. Jim in Denton.,.

Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada

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