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favorite workshops

updated thu 22 jun 06


Paul Flickinger on tue 20 jun 06

I am curious to know of anyones favorite workshops. Why it is your favorite, was it hands on, what it
cost, and where you attended it.

Cyndi Casemier Johnson on wed 21 jun 06

I believe favorite workshops need to be divided into demonstration type of workshops and hands on workshops.

For Demo:

I like ones with two demonstrators. They interact with one another. When one is working on something that requires more concentration and less talk, the other demonstrator can pick up the slack and talk about his work. Also, there is a chemistry that happens and you get more information than was intended. My favorite leaders: Robin Hopper, Ara Cardew, Hoyt Barringer, Lana Wilson, Steven Hill, Suze Lindsey, Pete Pinnell, Malcolm Davis, Julia Galloway, Mark Shapiro, Mary Barringer, Tom and Elaine Coleman to name a few. There are others. All of them have great communication skills, have a lot of experience, and know how to communicate what they make in clay.

For Hands-On:

I like leaders who can communicate how to make a certain form and why certain features are important. They need to have enough experience and backbone to discuss the pros and cons of certain elements. Favorite Leaders: Steven Hill, Hoyt Barringer, Mark Shapiro, Jeff Oestreich, Ara Cardew, Lana Wilson, Tom Coleman, and many more.

Obviously, this is just my opinion and there are many great instructors out there.