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updated sat 17 jun 06


Keith Arbogast on fri 16 jun 06

Here is a news item from ComputerWorld that may interest those who
ship frequently. In short, it is a Web site, http:// , where one can directly
compare the cost of shipping on all the major carriers. The
Computerworld article follows.
Best wishes,
Keith Arbogast, a Web site that offers comparison shopping of shipping
services for small businesses, online retailers and consumers,
launched today.

By entering the destination and weight of a package at,
users can save time and money by comparing shipping services from
carriers such as the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx Corp. and DHL
Worldwide Express, as well as regional carriers, according to the
company. Norwalk, Conn.-based presents the choices
based on delivery time and price and enables an "apples-to-apples"
comparison of shipping carriers by providing price and service
visibility for small business customers, the company said.

Users can sort the results by price, carrier, delivery or pick-up
time. Shipping labels can be printed on any printer, and a pickup
time can be scheduled or the package can be left at the nearest drop-
off location, RedRoller said.

"We level the playing field for small businesses who depend on
shipping," said William VanWyck, founder and CEO of
"We make shipping easier than ever by letting small businesses
compare, ship and save both time and money."

The site is fully integrated with eBay Inc. to help online auction
sellers, the company said. RedRoller said its service, which is free,
can save small businesses up to 50% annually on shipping. The company
earns revenue through affiliated marketing with other companies,
clickthroughs and advertising, a spokesman said.

The service has no upfront costs or monthly fees and includes
reporting and tracking, maps to the nearest drop-off locations, hours
of operation, address verification and e-mail notifications.