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mfa and jobs

updated tue 13 jun 06


Richard Mahaffey on sun 11 jun 06

I sat on a search committee, (well I was part of the committee and did
not sit on anyone) at the Community College where I teach and we saw
some interesting MFA degrees.

There were several people with MFA degrees in Interdisciplinary Studio
Arts! What the heck is that? When looking at the transcripts (not
every search committee will do this) you could not tell if the person
was a painter, potter, sculptor, photographer or what. It is a crime
that some schools are awarding degrees that make it a certainty that
their alums will not get a teaching job. Might was well be a law school.

Our policy is that the person must have a degree that relates to the
specialization that they will teach. While the CAA says that an MFA is
a terminal degree in Studio Art it is possible to find a Ph. D program
in studio art overseas.

Rick who has one day of classes left then finals - hooray!