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sculpture philosophy was re: made for america degree (pottery and art)

updated sun 11 jun 06


Ivor and Olive Lewis on sun 11 jun 06

Dear Taylor Hendrix,=20

Seems to me that Nigel Konstram is comparing and contrasting two rather =
old processes, the Subtractive and the Additive. After all he does call =
them "Traditions"

In the former you have to imagine the location of your subject in a =
solid block and carve in to achieve then abrade to refine the forms. =
Think Greek and Roman Statuary. In the latter you build up masses and =
refine contours until you achieve the image you require. Think Wax =
Maquettes of the Renaissance Masters.

You can make a start on the "Classical" by carving a block of soap and =
the "Alternative" by shaping a block of clay.

I introduced both to my year 8 students but they made blocks of hard =
plaster and had professional tools to work with.

No doubt Snail will give us more information.

Best regards,

Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.