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hi from kiln workshop

updated sun 11 jun 06


primalmommy on sat 10 jun 06

Just a minute to chime in, on a surge of morning caffeine, before I get
sucked in to the day. It's day 3 of the kiln building workshop at EMU,
and we're all happy, sore, tired and well fed.

I woke this morning and unzipped my travel-trailer window to see the
Ypsilanti Parking Commision vehicle cruising by slowly... thus far there
have been no tickets, but it's clear that they are keeping an eye on the
traveling gypsy circus that appears to have converged upon Diana
Pancioli's little ranch house on the edge of campus. My van and pop-up
and several other vehicles are parked in her lovely yard, more cars
jammed into her driveway and the rest parked (legally!) on a nearby

We have three potters from Philly (Joyce Nagota tells a good story, btw)
-- two from the Lansing potter's guild, three of us who will be doing
MFAs in the fall, some folks from here -- a very nice, chatty,
hardworking and amenable bunch. Diana is inexhaustable, going back and
forth between planning bricks and burners and planning menus for her
Tuscan-bed-and-breakfast style meals, lovely lunches and wonderful
dinners. Coffee flows all morning and jug wine later in the day, and
we're like a little kiln-building clan... we're joking about taking our
show on the road, with my pop-up and a tool trailer, itinerant
kiln-builders. Maybe we should tow an artstream-style gallery and a
studio-space trailer as well.

The kiln is a case of "many hands make light work".. It's hard work but
the weather has been perfect, blue sky and clouds, bright sun but a cool
breeze. We pulled the arch form yesterday, and today will build the
front and back walls, and the chimney. Diana had lots of hand-outs and
explanations for us when we first arrived, but knows that potters learn
best with their hands, and so she teaches us as we are "doing".

Speaking of which, the clan is headingout to get started... more later.

Kelly in Ohio, in Ypsi

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