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rolls at neon prices

updated fri 9 jun 06


clennell on thu 8 jun 06

> Work/Study Opportunity
> =B7 Work with potter Richard Aerni in his studio
> located in Rochester, NY.

Gee Richard- What a deal! I think this is the perfect follow up to all the
talk on MFA's.=20
You are one of the best potters out there. Most that know pots would
recognize you as a potter working at a Masters level- master craftsman that
is. A student that booked 3-4 weeks over the course of a year with you woul=
have their work change for life.
For those wanting to apply to a top US graduate school this would be a grea=
place to work on putting together a great portfolio or for those that have
graduated with a MFA and still aren't making good work this would be the
masters follow up to the masters degree.
All this, good company and 4 weeks of dinners for under $2000.
I think you're offering a Rolls Royce for the price of a Neon.
***** rating for Richard's programme.
Best of luck with it ole man!