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kudos to mason stains

updated fri 9 jun 06


Chris Campbell on thu 8 jun 06

I have been using Mason Stains for all
of my colored porcelain work and have
always been impressed with their level
of customer service.

Today I called with a technical question
regarding one of the stains I was having
a problem with and the attitude I got was ...

'Whatever it takes, we'll fix it for you ... '

from their lab technician, Mike (?) who also
took the time to explain it all to me.

Congrats first of all to the company for
empowering its staff to make and
follow through on such a promise.

It is not often you deal with a company
that has a large corner of a market and
still treats the 'little' buyers as though they
were the most important buyers.

They are turning this headache into a
manageable problem with a solution.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina - hoping to
get this problem fixed quickly now that the ball
is back in my court for a while.

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