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eutectic "dreaming"

updated fri 9 jun 06


Ivor and Olive Lewis on thu 8 jun 06

Dear Friends,
From time to time during discussions about the nature of firing a glaze =
someone will mention that one or several Eutectic mixtures will come =
into play as temperature of a glaze rises. These, we are told, are =
usually associated with one or more of the "Flux" oxides. After all, it =
is knowledge that is frequently mentioned in books about clays and =
Awaking from a vivid dream a couple of mornings ago set me to thinking =
about the significance of the imagery, where I was desperately trying to =
align several plugs and connectors into a black box. By the time I had =
drank my early morning "Cuppa" the cryptic message sank into place and =
made sense. I had found a way of testing the Eutectic hypothesis of =
maturing glazes and also of comparing it and contrasting it with the =
information written by Kingery et al in "Introduction to Ceramics",Ch =
Experimental procedures are described by Lawrence and West, "Ceramic =
Science for the Potter", Ch 2. and are also found in M. Barsoum, =
"Fundamentals of Ceramics" Ch 4 & Ch 9.
Key words are "Differential Thermal Analysis", a similar function to =
the procedures used by Ron Roy but with less dynamic apparatus.
Facilities to carry out such an investigation should be available at any =
university that has a physical or materials science department.
I suppose metaphysical knowledge allows us to make predictions.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.