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vince's ancient clay workshop

updated tue 6 jun 06


JOYCE LEE on mon 5 jun 06

I heartily recommend this workshop. It's been several years since
I attended ...on Michael's farm ...and I'm still trying to work details =
so I can attend again. We had such fun, worked so hard, laughed
so much... I do believe that every single one of us was a bonafide
Character in his/her own right..... and, yes, we did embrace our
differences wholeheartedly. Learning was the name of the game...
learning by participation. I loved it.

If you go, you'll be surprised to find out how many sides there are
to Vince ...... you don't really know Vince from Clayart alone.

My little Kiln God King continues to reign over my kiln area..... the
one who escaped and sat "regally alone amidst the carnage" of
one lost shelf load..... as a wonderful British Columbian friend stated.
That's another part of the joy at Michael's farm. He's so near the
border that some of our Canadian compadres often attend the

In the Mojave Desert of California ready to back off from writing for
a little bit ..... I'm beginning to think as some of my students used
to....... the teacher says something; then that student says =
.. the other 39 students just let him/her take the floor; less danger
of being "called on." For me.... it's..... Clayart speaks...... Joyce =