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kelly to college

updated tue 6 jun 06


mel jacobson on mon 5 jun 06

i am thrilled.
i have had to hold my tongue, as i have
known for almost a year that kelly would
be going to the university of eastern michigan
to study with diana pancioli.

some have been plotting to get her in
the program...i love plotting for people
that we love and care for. i did not join
the `i hate primal goofey club`.

i am not taking any credit understand.
just in on the plot. i have been an adviser.

this is so thrilling.

one of david mcbeth's students from Tennessee
will be starting the mfa program with kelly.
nice folks.
and, a great teacher. not watered down at all.
if we could clone diana and send her around
the country, i would never have to complain again about
mfa programs.

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