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all fired up sign up now

updated tue 6 jun 06


Gina Mars on mon 5 jun 06

Hi, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage anyone who is
concidering going to the all fired up conference to sign up before the
price goes up. This is one of those things that doesn't happen often. This
conference has some amazing people demonstrating how they do their work.
When will you ever be in a studio with Steven Hill, Mel , Harvey Sadow,
Posey Bacoupolus,Dan Christoffel, Steve Branfman,Linda keleigh,Don Ellis,
Randy Brodnax and Bill Shilallies and Mitch Lyon? This is an amazing event
with lectures about George Ohr in the evening. Each participant can bring
up to 3 pieces. One for horsehair,one for soda and a raku piece. Also
there is a bowl exchange so everyone can bring a bowl. I have done this at
other conferences and it is a blast. So sign up now . Anyone with
questions can contact the potters council or email me at Looking forward to it. Sincerely, Host, Gina Mars