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finally! the long-awaited clayart yearbook update!

updated sun 4 jun 06


Gail Phillips on sat 3 jun 06

First and foremost, allow me to thank profusely all of the moderators and uber-geeks who run this forum and have the brains to make the appropriate fixes! YAY!! RAH! RAH! SIS-BOOM-BAH! Mel ran for a touchdown! YAAAAAAAAAY, TEAM!!! (from probably the most unlikely cheerleader-type of all).

Secondly, without further ado, I would like to announce that I got off of my dead sorry butt and FINALLY added all the pictures that I took at NCECA (and a few others that I received via email) to the Clayart Yearbook. Please pardon my slowness on this - the contract gig I was working at Rolls Royce replacing their computers took all my available energy there for a few months.

If you see any problems, or anything you would like to change that is within my power, just let me know. If you wish to add your picture, just email it to me. If you have no idea what I am talking about, please visit -

Thanks, everybody, for all of your patience!

- Gail Phillips, Praying Mantis Pottery, Indianapolis

Barb blackburn on sat 3 jun 06

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Subject: FINALLY! The long-awaited Clayart Yearbook Update!

Thank you, Great to put faces to some names. Hope we'll all add to the yearbook. At this point, I've met three of you and plan to increase that all the time. Thanks again, Barb