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reduction questions/nil's kilns

updated fri 2 jun 06


mel jacobson on thu 1 jun 06

one of the biggest problems to solve
when firing these gas/downdrafts, as
hank points out...keeping them from going
into reduction.
(one has to remove the damper, fill the slot with kaowool
and slow things down..and keep checking for
back pressure.)

the nils lou design is based on burners in the
back, next to the flue.
the fuel/gas pushes to the front and up the
front wall. we even put a slant brick at the
end of the flame way to push it up.
the flue is kept much smaller than most folks
believe....about 36 sq. inches. it works.

they fire very evenly.
it is the huge, 85 sq inch flue that helps global warming,
that is very uneven, in fact, most of them won't even
get to cone 9.

the wedge is based on the idea of a tight seal.
it just pops into place..inside the wedge.

the seal is very important in his design.

those that have changed it, thought they
had a better idea have really had trouble.

the flame spills down the side of the car and
will heat the concrete floor...bang...big blow'd up.

donovan palmquist makes a great sealed is
almost the same as nils`. it is all about great seals
from car to kiln. no spill. when the seal is perfect
the car just glides into place.

linda, and others...remember, there is a great set
of plans for a small flat top that kurt and i have
given to pmi.
a sweet small kiln..anyone can build, without help..alone.
just a tiny bit of welding...and that can be done by any shop.
the rest you can acquire at the hardware store.

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