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$10 million dollar pot???

updated sat 3 jun 06


Earl Brunner on wed 31 may 06

One the local news last night they showed a porcelain vase from I believe the Ming Dynasty, copper red floral design. Steve Wynn (former owner of Treasure Island, The Mirage, and the Bellagio hotels in Las Vegas, and current owner of the Wynn Hotel) who has a rather expensive fine art collection had just purchased it for they said, $10,000,000.00. Humm, don't think us potter types will be picking THAT one up in the gallery....................

The Chapel of Art on sat 3 jun 06

Anyone who wants to see an image of this 600 year
old Ming pot, just mail me and I will send you a
jpeg of what appeared in The Independent
newspaper following the auction which I presumed
had taken place here in the UK, but was actually
at the Hong Kong branch of Christie's.

At least I think it must be the same pot. It is a
pear-shaped vase with copper red peony design on
a white ground. From the Hongwu period 1368-1398.

It had been used as a lamp by a Scottish couple
until they saw one similar in a museum... They
sold it for a world record 421,200 pounds
sterling back in 1984 and it resold for $2.86
million nine years ago.

In the article it mentions the buyer, Steve Wynn,
intends exhibiting it in Macau... Whether he was
loaning or gifting it to the museum was not
entirely clear from the article although it did
say "plans to donate it to a public museum in
Macau" and the head of Chinese ceramics at
Christie's said, "W=A7e are particularly thrilled
that it will be returning to China where it can
be enjoyed and appreciated by the maximum number
of students and art lovers".

A pretty generous undertaking by all accounts!
Even if it boils down to being a commercial ploy
to win brownie points... Making friends and all
that, so a new business empire can be established
in a country will billions of potential

Janet Kaiser

>On the local news last night they showed a
porcelain vase from I believe
>the Ming Dynasty, copper red floral design.
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