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why the pearl ash???

updated thu 1 jun 06


clennell on wed 31 may 06

A couple have e-mailed me off list to see what I'm up to with the pearl ash.
Here's what I'm up to.
I have been using a standard ash glaze recipe called 221 from Leach's book.
2 ash, 2 feldspar, l ball clay. this year at home we started burning some
soft maple, some ash, some chinese elm( Not really great hardwoods). My ash
glaze although good on small pieces is like steel wool on the larger pieces.
i lost 4- 30 lb platters for a show that just about broke my heart. So my
plan is to mix up an ash substitute from Phil Rogers book. I will mix up
the below mentioned recipes, add water, put thru a 80 mesh screen and dry in
a bisque bowl over the kiln. Put the dry ingredients in a bucket in my glaze
room and whenever a recipe calls for ash, I will take it from my ash
substitute bucket. this should offer some control over the outcome.
I'm listing two recipes for beech ash here- one for trunk wood an in this
business called pottery, I'm chickening out a bit.

Beech Trunk wood
22.75 Soda feldspar
24.25 dolomite
6.0 Bone ash
34.0 Whiting
4.0 Soda ash
10.0 Pearl ash

Beech Branch wood
2.5 Potash Feldspar
17.0 Bone Ash
30.0 dolomite
2.5 soda ash
12.0 pearl ash
31.0 whiting
4.4 silica

Best of luck .

Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario