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updated thu 1 jun 06


Ann Brink on tue 30 may 06

If any of you are using one of these clays, and wonder about firing it
hotter than 06...I'm here to tell you I inadvertently fired a load (mixed
bisque & glazed ware) to 2050F and the clay got darker but did not deform or
bloat, etc. I was not using witness cones, but have both digital and
analog pyrometers in the kiln. I think 2050 is about cone 01.

I've posted pictures of the glazed pieces here: if you would like to take a look. I'd also be
interested in hearing if someone has fired hotter than this.

I am going to have my timer right in my pocket or hanging from my neck next
time to keep anything "inadvertent" from happening again. After the kiln
sitter goes down, my habit is to run it a little hotter manually, and soak
for at least 20 minutes. Usually it's very much on my mind, but this time
something distracted me. Lesson learned.

Ann Brink in Lompoc CA