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rodin: sculpture

updated wed 31 may 06


Stephani Stephenson on tue 30 may 06

plaster was often used as a direct primary and secondary modeling
medium as well as clay.

clay often used for the study or maquette,
but plaster also used for direct modeling, especially in some of the
larger works.

whether the finished piece is in fired clay or bronze, sculptors often
rue the fact that the
freshness of the study or maquette in fresh clay is difficult, if not
impossible to recapture.

the work begins a slow process of death once the study is complete
or so it can seem
trying to transfer that flame of life into the finished object.
no matter what the skill level
there is usually a certain amount of desperate struggle
It is usually at this point, if an unlikely observer were to wander in
and say
"ohhhh, it's so neat you get to play with clay"
the sculptor may, in a moment of abandon
be heard to bellow
"Art is war, you fool, remain here at your peril, !!!!!"

ah, the gentle arts!

Stephani Stephenson