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questions about front loading cone 10 electric kilns

updated tue 30 may 06


Robert Knighten on sun 28 may 06

In the process of setting up a new pottery studio, I am interested in getting a
medium size (8-16 cu. ft.) front loading cone 10 electric kiln. Based largely
on browsing the web the following brands seem interesting: Axner UltraFurn,
Bailey, Crucible, Euclid, Fredrickson, Geil, L&L, Olympic and Paragon.

The variation in the kilns available is very large, and I am having a hard
time deciding on trade-offs between cost, weight, power, and facilities. And
I know little about the performance, longevity, reliability, etc. of these
various kilns beyond the claims of the manufacturers/sellers.

This kiln will be used by an individual potter for bisque and glaze (usually
cone 6.) The physical shop is large with large doors and a single phase 240
volt electrical supply, so size and power are not critical issues. Ideally a
setting area of at least 24"x24" is desired, but probably not if this doubles
the price of the kiln.

A programmable controller with the facility of computer monitoring is

A vent system, such as the Orton VentMaster or any of the many variations, is
also desirable.

What is far less clear is the desirability of multi-zone firing systems,
elements in door and floor, special wall or element coating (e.g. ITC), and
higher grade thermocouples (e.g. type S vs. type K).

Any and all information on any of these, especially personal experience, will
be much appreciated.

Feel free to send me e-mail (

-- Bob

Robert L. Knighten