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paper clay in raku/ other primitive firing situations

updated sat 27 may 06


Marcia Selsor on fri 26 may 06

I also use porcelain in my saggar firings. Coleman, or ^6 Aspen from
Mile Hi in Denver.
Marcia Selsor

On May 25, 2006, at 11:42 PM, Roxanne Hunnicutt wrote:

> Hank and all,
> Hank, thanks for the suggestions for reformulating porcelain but
> I don't have the capability to make my own clay.
> So I again ask for those who may have tried paper clay in
> primitive firing situations or in raku to talk to me about what
> works. How much paper in what kind of clay.
> Maybe porcelain won't work.
> Does anyone have a clay that works well in raku?
> I am trying to make rather large platters and the drying problems
> and the firing problems are getting to me!
> Roxanne in OR where I had decided to dry a bunch of reclaimed
> clay in the sun and the rain came, poured for days! We are all
> very wet!