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paper clay in raku and other primitive firing situations - does

updated sat 27 may 06


Tony Ferguson on fri 26 may 06



Yes, it works. I have in fact made even up to 4" solid sculptural forms out of a paper clay body I developed and it worked fine. There is less weight. The green strength is incredible. I took my body and added Scott Toilet paper (an entire 12 pack packed soaked in 5 gallon bucket first) to the mixer and mixed it up--it was about 200# dry weight for ceramic materials. I can't stress enough about presoaking so the tp turns to mush otherwise you will have little bunches of paper fiber here and there in the body--so mix well. I have fired it to stoneware temps as well as rakued the paper clay body fine. Unless you buy commerical, test, test, test.

Tony Ferguson

Roxanne Hunnicutt wrote:
Hank and all,

Hank, thanks for the suggestions for reformulating porcelain but I don't have the capability to make my own clay.

So I again ask for those who may have tried paper clay in primitive firing situations or in raku to talk to me about what works. How much paper in what kind of clay.

Maybe porcelain won't work.

Does anyone have a clay that works well in raku?

I am trying to make rather large platters and the drying problems and the firing problems are getting to me!

Roxanne in OR where I had decided to dry a bunch of reclaimed clay in the sun and the rain came, poured for days! We are all very wet!

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