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page 31, ceramics monthly

updated sat 27 may 06


Elizabeth Priddy on fri 26 may 06

John Tilton's "wiggle jar" is an exceptional piece
of crystalline glazing.

It seems to actually take the crystals and do
something intentional with them, which is quite rare.

The technology for making crystals is at the desposal
of anyone willing to buy a digital fire electric
machine and learn to use it (yeah, just do that!).

But I have rarely seen anyone really exploit the
possibilities for art in the crystalline format.

The forms and crystals gleaned are always beautiful
when they are executed well, but this piece speaks to
the issue of "so now what can you do with it?"

It's really worth sitting with a cup of coffe and
taking a hard look to see what is happening.

His remarks next to it are enlightening as to a
process that is beyond a simple rocket scientist
chemistry whiz approach to crystalline glazing as

I am sure there are others out there doing it with
purpose other than the now trivial case of getting the
crystals in the first place, but I don't see it often.

And I saw the work in Clay times. Those pots are very
good, but they don't speak to me. I happen to like
this much better.


PS I am not impressed with flashing bling in jewelry
either. My engagement ring is a simple opal, as
diamonds are just shiny rocks now that cubic zirconia
has taken a bit of the mystique away. A diamond is
forever, but then so is a dianonique. It's not like
they are going to evaporate suddenly or become any
less shiny over time. Kinda sad for diamonds
actually, but what the hell pro-gress and all that.

Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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