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kelly's article/clay times

updated sat 27 may 06


JOYCE LEE on fri 26 may 06

Kelly, your column was great! Pure Kelly at her potterly best
..... mommy was left at home...... primalpotter assumed her well
earned spot. I'm sure that the Clay Times editorial staff was
well pleased, so don't let the negative comments affect the essence
of your own personal experience as a potter. =20

The only purely personal comment I heard was "I was surprised by
Kelly's picture. I didn't realize she was so pretty and well put
together. I pictured her as a leftover hippie somehow........" That
one tickled me since we all know that your "hippy" moments were
played out as a college party girl..... not the same venue at all.
AND it's always nice, no matter how dignified and serious the event,
to be told that one looks "pretty." Which you do. So pretty on, and
keep it Pure Kelly!

In the Mojave desert of California remindful of the years as a teacher
when she was assigned the much-coveted Yearbook Adviser role.
(yeah, right! Other teachers
were torn between telling me what a dork I was to take the job.... or
perhaps kissing my feet since it meant THEY could now refrain from =
and hiding ... until the next time "they" were looking for someone to =
that unique Adjunct Duty position.) When The Book came out it was
the talk of the campus, nay the town..... to me, it seemed of the =
for several days.... until it finally was laid to rest with the other =
Books of
the Past with all their attendant ghosts of what may or may
not have really happened .... not to see the light again until the first
Big Reunion (10 year... 20... then the numbers tailing off until the 50
when an amazing number of life's survivors get together once more to
see who made it .. even the perceived In Crowd isn't as resented ... =
they continue to be carefully monitored .... because Retirement as well =
as Aches
and Pains have set in, leveling the field for us all.)

I knew the time to move on had come when my Biggest Critic could only
dredge up a negative comment about the quality of the paper used for the
book not being quite up to the standards of last year's.... which became
one of my most cherished criticisms as well as a hallmark with close =
that we'd finally arrived on the path to wherever we were journeying =
week .... akin to a Gold Star or an Academy Award, whichever comes