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rosette gault workshop in ct.

updated fri 26 may 06


Diane Palmquist on thu 25 may 06

A Mildred Weiner Workshop

Paper Clay

with Rosette Gault

Mixing paper fiber with clay makes it much lighter than traditional =
clay. This can be adapted to any clay body or firing temperature. In =
this five-day workshop, students will begin to understand the various =
possibilities for paper clay. Paper clay can be used for wet on dry =
assembly, armatures, repair, alteration, surface treatments, texture and =
glazing, force dry, extreme fire options, and carving. For this =
workshop, students will work with both ready-made paper clay and mix =
some of their own. Demonstrations will feature symmetrical figure and =
construction by hand, slab, wheel, coil and bone dry parts. For more =
information on the possibilities for paper clay, check out Rosette's =
website: Some experience required. =20

Sec. P101 Rosette Gault

5 sessions; Saturday - Wednesday

August 19 - 23

9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Tuition: $350.00


Contact Wesleyan Potters


!-860-347-5925 9-3 for more info