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does anyone have a cone 6 white?

updated sun 28 may 06


Maid O'Mud on wed 24 may 06

Yup - page 97 of R&J's book and add tin oxide
to taste

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From: "mel jacobson"
Subject: does anyone have a cone 6 white?

Lisa Skeen on wed 24 may 06

Do you want it with or without tin? I have one of each. The one with tin
will turn pink if fired near anything containing chrome. Sometimes get some
nice flashes that way if you put it really close to a dark green piece.....

Or was this a joke?

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From: "mel jacobson"
Subject: does anyone have a cone 6 white?

>i think it is time to go back to the basics.
> everyone take a deep breath.
> mel
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mel jacobson on wed 24 may 06

i think it is time to go back to the basics.
everyone take a deep breath.

from: mel/

Steve Slatin on thu 25 may 06

Youch! Right on the knuckles, Mel! (We all
remember your posting about how ClayArt shouldn't
just be a location for the occasional exchange of
glaze recipes ....)

So, as a peace offering -- I know I was one of
the offenders -- here is a glaze recipe, for a
cone 6 somewhat-ivory white with brown flecks.

(Glaze history -- this glaze started out in the
very early 70's with a name that made sense. By
the time I was using it in 1974-5, it had
metamorphed several times, and the name changes
to keep each version separate had altered the
name to "Glossy Matte Mandy." {No, I have no
idea who Mandy was. Or what!} I had fit
problems with it, and found the white with
Zircopax much too industrial in appearance, and
even with tin it was a little lifeless. Totals
to 1511, counting oxides.)

Recipe Name: Glossy Mossy Flossy

Cone: 6 Color: White, brown specks
Firing: Oxidation Surface: Not quite glossy

Amount Ingredient
400 Nepheline Syenite
300 Silica
100 Whiting
300 Gillespie Borate
200 Kaolin--EPK
100 Spodumene--Gwalia

1400 Total

100 Tin Oxide
11 Iron Oxide--Red

Unity Oxide
.066 Li2O
.211 Na2O
.053 K2O
.081 MgO
.585 CaO
.003 SrO
1.000 Total

.507 Al2O3
.272 B2O3
.003 Fe2O3

3.158 SiO2
.002 TiO2
.001 P2O5

6.2 Ratio
70.6 Exp

Comments: Pale ivory with brown specks over most
stoneware. Over a white stoneware, not too many
specks if thick.

Double the RIO for prominent specks over white

Somewhat yellower than Jillís Glossy Matte Mandy;
does not run at a hard cone 6 (tested very thin,
thin, thick, not yet tested very thick). Where
thin or very thin, has matte
appearance. Where thick, near-glossy, but with a
texture noticable to the touch.

Replacing tin with 2x zircopax has a less
satisfying finish, a little whiter and less
personality. No crazing on OH-6, B-Mix, Sea Mix
5, or Goldstone.

Testing -- 3-day lemon juice leaching test -- no
mark. Freezer to boiling water -- no visible
effect. Other tests under way, variations with
colorant oxides still pending.

Firing ramp --

200 F per hour to 200, 30 minute hold plugs out
500 F per hour to 2000, 5 minute hold
plugs inserted app 1500 F
150 F per hour to 2215, 30 minute hold
150 F down per hour to 1500, 30 minute hold
plugs removed, 1000 F

Suspends better with 1% Bentonite.

Calculations by GlazeMasterô

Steve Slatin --

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Alisa Liskin Clausen on sat 27 may 06

Dear Mel,
NO, I am so sorry, I do not have a recipe for a cone 6 white,
but I can tell you in detail how to make a
French butter dish.

Just the topic change I so wished for,

Best regards from Alisa in Denmark
Lurpak rules