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sacrilegious acts against kiln gods--reply to marcia

updated wed 24 may 06


Martie (AKA the Kiln Priestess) on tue 23 may 06

Oh Marcia:

When I read your post about the unspeakable wonton and sacrilegious
destruction of those poor kiln guardians in Iceland I was quite shocked
and taken aback. The shame of it all!

How can the persecution of kiln gods and goddesses still go in this day
and age!

Well, sad as it may seem, the perpetrator or perpetrators who removed the
kiln gods from their posts as sentinels against bad karma only got what
they deserved. Since kiln guardians are benevolent, their removal would
not have in itself have caused them to retaliate against the kiln and
potters they served. What I am sure must have taken place was that their
absence allowed any bad karma in the kiln yard to flow towards and into
the kiln. As a result the kiln and surrounding building or structures were
left completely unprotected against the energy and advances of fire. Poor
potters=97poor kiln gods.

I think that we should take this sad example as a lesson in how to treat
our kiln gods. As guardians of the kiln and the affairs of potters, kiln
gods are our best allies in the fight against bad kiln karma. Of course a
little common sense when working with fire also goes a long way towards
preventing accidents and acquiring good firing results.

My advice to all ceramists is that they remember to treat their kiln gods
with the respect that they deserve and in return your guardians will offer
you badly needed protection against dark karma. Oh, and also as a bonus
they will make your kiln look really hot. Even electric kilns need not be
boring and circumspect if a nearby shelf or niche is tastefully adorned
with expressive kiln gods.


Miss Kiln Priestess

P.S. Please address all questions concerning proper kiln god and goddess
etiquette to Miss Kiln Priestess and she will do her best to answer you
with a written Clayart reply.