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updated wed 24 may 06


Pat Southwood on wed 24 may 06

I am not defending Malcolm, who seems to perhaps have a direct style =
(are you British?)=20
I have never been to America, but only have readily available those =
images that are selected for publication in ceramics books. Yes, I could =
follow up everyones web site on clayart, and some I do.=20
The sense of American ceramics that is portrayed in the selections for =
books available in the U.K is that they are mostly either Japanese =
wannabees or they are brightly coloured, somewhat, "whacky" pieces.
I appreciate that this is a wild generalisation, but it is what seems =
to be presented by the world of ceramic publishing.
But... I have twice now been to Mashiko, and seen work from top dog =
sensei to slipcast - to- look- like- thrown- cr&p.
Some of it was very moving, skilled and just right.=20
However, some of it was , um, a bit emporers new clothes.
Dont get me wrong, I've read my Yanagi. Big time.

It is a fine line.
May, ready brek, a banana and a microwave =3D cosy potter.
I defy your workshop to be damper and colder than mine! I had the heater =
on for the last 2 weekends of open studios.

Stay cool ( or maybe warm) chaps.

Pat Southwood
p.s. Heard the first cuckoo today.