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la workshops/student living space:urgent

updated tue 23 may 06


marianne kuiper milks on mon 22 may 06

Greetings 'yall,

I am looking for LA workshops. Please let me know. I want to visit LA because...:

My daughter, 32, massage therapist (licensed) and bookworks artist/writer, is TRULY DESPERATELY looking for an affordable space to live. She doesn't ask for much: room with kitchen available etc. would be fine. She is about to live on the streets until she has enough clients to support herself better.
If anyone has space available, even for a few months, please let me know. I live too far away (PA) to help her beyond this. She's a good, fun, crazy person. A good cook and a messy housekeeper with a heart of gold. Her name is Deirdre.
She has 1.5 weeks left where she is or her friend will be kicked out for having a guest.
You have NO idea how much I would appreciate a response!
As far as massage th. is concerned: she is certified in M.Th., Reiki, Shiatsu, face and feet stuff. New to LA, she is having a tough time.

Marianne Milks, Honesdale, PA

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