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priddy cane handles

updated tue 23 may 06


Elizabeth Priddy on sun 21 may 06

I took a basket weaving class at the Palace this

Now I know how to really use all that caning stuff and
colors and everything. Not just grapevine, but
wisteria, Pampas grass, ric-rac.

Anything that is floppy wet and dries stiff is now in
my bag of tricks.

(a weekend workshop on banding and cane handle making
would be fun for me if anyone is interested in making
it happen. all I can do organization-wise these days
is show up)

I am making removable handles like the one I sent mel.

Only not so much bird's nest fancy handles, but cane
handles as intricate and suh-weet as those bits on
fancy basketry. Ironicly, as the basket handle
increases in complexity, the basket itself, of clay,
must needs become very plain.

I was in the awkward position of being like the flying
school assholes who didn't want to leatn to land. She
was on to me when I said I am only interested in the
handle making, not the basket itself. But then we
realized that (small world) she had taken my pottery
class 11 years ago in Beaufort and there I was in New
Bern taking basketry at Tryon Palace.


I am having fun.

The handles I am making are going to become a DVD
instructional bit for sale near cost for potters, as I
can't think of any other people who need removeable
intricate handles.

But I haven't forgotten.

I have three projects at the front of my plate now in
addition to the baby.

The Priddy cane handle
The Priddy Kiln: portable wood/gas kiln
and my studio opening: Fired Works Sale, July 3

All three are coming along well and I should have some
pictures of the new tile work on monday, so keep an
eye out ifi you are interested. I spent the last few
days painting egrets, fish, flowers, and insects. And
a little dragon tile for my baby-o.


Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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Vicki Hardin on mon 22 may 06

Elizabeth, looking forward to the video. Those interested in making cane
handles should also check out Sheila Clennell's DVD that can purchased at It covers handling from A to Z and the
making of some of the most beautiful handles I have seen. I have found that
buying videos are sometimes a shot in the dark. This one is very
professional and well worth it.

Vicki Hardin