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updated mon 22 may 06


Lynn Goodman Porcelain Pottery on sun 21 may 06

I use both glazes that I mix myself, AND commercial glazes. I have used
commercial glazes for about 20 years.
There are two issues that people need to keep in mind when using
commercial glazes:

1) Sometimes a glaze is just discontinued--no explanation. It is really
frustrating! The commercial glazes I use are for glaze effect that I
can't duplicate with standard glaze chemicals. I have had to drop some
items (popular ones!) from my wholesale line because of this.
2) Because you don't know what's in the glazes, if something goes
wrong-- too bad. Can't be fixed.

Because I can't rely long-term on any commercial glaze, I will never
allow myself to use them to the exclusion of glazes that I mix up
myself. I don't expect glaze manufacturers to be forthcoming about
what's in the glaze I love that makes it so pretty. Sometimes, it's a
frit that they made themselves, or a chemical that is not readily
available to the rest of us; and, after all--that's their business,
their livelihood.
If you are making one-of-a-kind work, which you will never have to
duplicate, it's not an issue for you; for the rest of us, it can be a
real pain. Keep yourself flexible!


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