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surfing with helen bates - may 17, 2006 - usa and one from canada

updated fri 19 may 06


Helen Bates on wed 17 may 06

Surfing with Helen Bates - May 17, 2006 - USA and one from Canada

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Jerilyn Virden (Bakersville, NC, USA)
(Small gallery of powerful sculptural forms in earthenware and
stoneware; functional but still sculptural forms in glazed stoneware)
(In 2004 Virden completed a three-year residency at Penland after doing
an MFA at Southern Methodist University, incorporating studies in New
York City and Taos, New Mexico. Before graduate school she completed a
two-year assistantship at the studio of Silvie Granatelli, having
previously earned her BFA from West Virginia University in 1997. She
has also studied at the Jing-de-zhen Ceramic Art Institute, China.)

Sarah Regan Snavely (Art of the Greyhound)(Bowman, ND, USA)
(Sculptures of Greyhounds in various poses - "curls", "cockroaches" and
"flatdogs"; other items as well, especially tiles.)

Terry-Lee Bourgeois-King (Creative Diversion Pottery Studio)
(Pottery Studio, Classes and Gallery) (Bourgeois-King graduated from
the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1995. While at NSCAD She
also earned a BEd with a specialisation in Art Education After more
pottery studies in Texas, Calgary, and West Africa then teaching
recreational art and pottery classes to adults and children, she
returned to Nova Scotia determined to develop a safe, fun, relaxing
environment where children and adults could socialize, play, and
experience art making in a positive, non-intimidating way.) (Some of
her work looks
to be lustre-glazed; other pieces are carved, impressed, oxide-painted
and glazed, and perhaps slip-trailed. All very fine work.)

Kathy Kriegel (Lowell, MA, USA)
(KK's photographer daughter Meghan Moore has put her mothers charming
pottery online. In a description that may be a bit controversial to
some, Kathy calls what she does "doing dirt.")

Stahl's Pottery (Powder Valley, near Zionsville, PA, USA)
(Reproductions of traditional Pennsylvania Dutch redware by the sons of

the original maker who started his pottery circa 1850. They resumed
pottery-making in about 1935.)
(Photos of the 2005 Stahl's Pottery Festival) (From Dave Thomas's photo

site - Dave lives near Lederach, PA and is into a number of things,
recently, pottery, but always photography, breadmaking, web design,



Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
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