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glaze weight, appllication thickness, specific gravity and ....

updated fri 19 may 06


lee love on fri 19 may 06

Hi Beth,

One way around your problem might be to do as I learned at my
teacher's workshop. As I mentioned previously, he glazed thin work
first and then added water to thin the glaze as thicker work was
glazed. All application thicknesses were monitored by scratching the
surface and visually seeing how thick the glaze was on the pot. It
takes time to train your eye, buy you can use a hygrometer and scratch
test together while you are learning, and then give up the gauge when
your eye is trained. Your eye is more accurate.

Working this way, you end up with extra water in the glaze, which is
skimmed off at the begining of the next glazing session, and then a
set amount is put back and test applications on shards of bisque are
made to see if the amount of water put back is what was neccessary to
begin your glazing cycle.

Lee In Mashiko, Japan
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