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mythical $20 cookie jars

updated thu 11 may 06


C. A. Sanger on wed 10 may 06

Assuming a person would accept this job, why not let them provide you wit=
h some generic slip cast jars of their choice? You could use low fire lu=
sters and a stencil to put the logo and name on. I strongly suggest they=
provide you with extra jars to test fire first. Also, Peter Pinnell com=
mented years ago at a workshop I attended that antifreeze can be used to =
adhere oxide mixes to glass and finished glaze surfaces and low fired to =
set. (I could see if I could find the mix instructions in my notes, if s=
omeone wants the info.) I don't think I would ship them--tell them to pi=
ck them up. C. A. Sanger

C. A. Sanger ShardRock Clay Studio Herington, KS 67449