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found some good books at an antique dealer in kobe

updated wed 10 may 06


Mike Martino on tue 9 may 06

Dear Everyone,

For anyone interested, I recently picked up some great Japanese pottery
books at a little hole in the wall dealer I found in Kobe. Several books
on Shino. An old book on how to do Raku by Tomimoto Kenkichi, a large
format color book on Chawan, the entire Kodansha Nihon no yakimono
series, a nice book on Hamada Shoji.
I'll be putting them up on ebay over the next days and weeks, so if
you're interested you can check them out. I have a couple up already,
all you have to do is search for auctions under my seller name, which is:

Sorry for this shameless plug to sell books, but I'm hoping to help pay
for my trip to Mashiko later this year, so I'd like to think it's a good
cause : )



= == = == = == = == = == =
Michael Martino
in Taku, Japan
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