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ethics in the classroom

updated wed 10 may 06


Carole Fox on tue 9 may 06

I have always put the adult students I teach on my mailing list. I have
gotten many followers that way. But I am wondering if it is ethical to put
younger students on the list in hopes that their parents would be interested
in my work.
Carole Fox
Silver Fox Pottery
Elkton, MD

Elizabeth Priddy on tue 9 may 06

No, there is no ethical reason to put a child on a
mailing list to receive direct mail for sales and

But their parents are another matter. So I would feel
free to mail an invitation to an opening to Mr. John
Doe, but not to Mr. John Doe II.

If they are paying for pottery classes, odds are they
like pottery. But they might not like you any more if
you solicit their children for any reason.

Parents are especially protective these days and
better safe than sorry on this one.


Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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Cindy Gatto on tue 9 may 06

Hi Carole,
Sure,why not. Kids like to get mail it makes them feel important and grown
up. And you never know maybe they will want to buy something as a gift for
their parents. Some of the kids these days have more money than a lot of adults I

Cindy Gatto & Mark Petrin
The Mudpit
228 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206
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