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china ceramic tour in oct. 2006

updated sat 6 may 06


Guangzhen Zhou on fri 5 may 06

Three Events and Ceramic Tour in China, Oct. 2006
China Ceramics Tour, Oct. 11-30, 2006. Beijing, Xi¡¯an, Jingdezhen, Yellow
Mountain, Yixing and Shanghai. $3,200 £¨$2,950 signed before August 11th
Tel. 800-689-clay(2529). PO Box 1733, Cupertino, CA 95015
10/11, Departure from the west coast of America
10/12, Arrive in Beijing
10/13-15, Beijing--visit Forbidden City, Great Wall, Panjiayuan Antique
Market, and spend some time at the ceramic conference
10/16, Xi¡¯an, visit the Terri-cotta Warriors Museum
10/17, Xi¡¯an, fly to Jingdezhen
10/18-21, Jingdezhen, visit the ceramic museums, factories, studios, and
spend some time at the ceramic conference
10/22-24, Shanghai
10/25, Hangzhou, visit the West Lake and the China National Academy of Fine
10/26-29, Yixing, join the Yixing Ceramic Art Festival
10/30, Leave Pudong airport for home flight
Oct. 9th ¨C 20th, 2006. The first conference of International Society for
Ceramic Art Education and Exchange (ISCAEE) at Tsinghua University, The
society was established by a group of art schools in China, Korea, Japan,
Australia, Thailand and the United States. The conference will include
international ceramics art exhibitions, international ceramic art education
seminars, lectures and workshop/demonstrations.

Oct. 18-22, 2006, International Ceramic Fair
Main activities will include Ceramics Exhibition and Trade shows, Jingdezhen
International Summit Forum on High-tech Ceramics, National Seminar of
Construction and Decoration Design, National Selection of Top-10 and Top-100
Youth Ceramic Artists, technique demonstrations from domestic and
international artists, Memorial Ceremony of ¡°Three Gods¡± of Millennium
Porcelain Capital, Symposium on Blue-and-White Porcelain of Yuan Dynasty,
Performance of Porcelain Capital characteristics, and prize selection from
the exhibitors of the Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair 2006. For more
information, please visit

Oct. 26th ¨C 29th, Yixing Ceramic Art Festival and the 8th National
Competition and Evaluation of Designs and Creations in Ceramic Art. The
event is hosted by the National Ceramic Industry Association, the Yixing
Ceramics Association and the Municipality of Yixing. In conjunction with the
competition, the Ceramic Art Festival will host many kinds of traditional
performances and entertainment.
About Our China Ceramic Tours.
On behalf of the Chinese Ceramic Art Council USA and Chinese Clay Art
Corporation (California based), and with a strong working team, we have been
leading China ceramic tours for western delegations, and American tours
(including the ceramic conferences of NCECA) for Chinese delegations since
1999. About 200 have gone to China with us, and many of them have become
repeat customers and our life-time friends.
In the China ceramic tours and exchange programs, we will provide
professional, western standard services, plus personal services to meet your
needs. For pre-departure issues, we will able to answer your questions
through our toll free number 24 hours/7 days, or reply to your emails within
24 hours.
Usually during the tour, we have few banquets with Chinese officers, but
more important is that you will able to visit art schools and artist
studios, meet many professors and their students, outstanding artists and
national masters, and share your art with them on the tour.
We are experts in both ceramics and tourism.

Here is a list of the organizations, schools and events with which we have
associated and lectured or exhibited our art works during the past years:
Chinese Ceramic Association, Beijing, China
Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing
Fine Art College, Shanghai University, Shanghai
Shanghai Research Society of Ancient Ceramic, Shanghai
Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province
Academy of China Fine Art, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Longquan Ceramics Association, Longquan, Zhejiang Province
Yixing Professional Ceramics Association, Yixing, Jiangsu Province
Yixing Ceramics Museum, Jiangsu Province
Yixing International Ceramic Art Conference, 2005
Yixing International Ceramic Art Conference, 2001
Foshan Ceramics Association, Foshan, Guangdong Province
Foshan International Ceramic Expo, 2002
LETTERS¡ªChina Trip with Po Zhou
¡°¡­¡­ ¡­. His skills are many, and varied, but his greatest skill is his
human understanding and concern for others. He is a wonderful human being.

Working for many years to bring ceramics information to and from China and
the western world is his passion. He is a `bridge` from potters and
educators of the ceramic arts from China. He is loved and respected all
through China for his work.¡±

If anyone on Clayart wants to go to China and work, study or teach, Po would
be able to help you get there. The need for teachers with English language
skill is great.¡­¡­

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