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speaking of used equipment

updated tue 2 may 06


primalmommy on mon 1 may 06

Lili and others talking about wanting/buying/junking used wheels and

If you can stand to join one more listserver, the potterbarter yahoo
group is specifically for unloading/giving away/selling used or unneeded
pottery equipment, glaze materials or pottery-related miscellaneous. We
have a couple thousand members.

It's a very low volume list, maybe a post or two a week, and since
(please note, newbies) members are asked to list all the relevant info
in the subject heading ("Kick wheel offered in West Virginia", or
"Electric wheel wanted in NYC") they are easy to delete.

All responses and negotiations take place off list. No conversation, no
discussion, just classifieds.

You can buy, sell, trade, or give away to anyone willing to show up and
haul it off. Srping clean your studio and see what you no longer use and
needn't store. It pains me to think that potters are dumping or storing
used equipment or materials that some college kid or garage potter would
love to have. Freecycle type lists have gone a long way in keeping stuff
out of the landfills, and matching the wanters with the havers. So this
is that, only for studio stuff.

Join at

No whining/begging, no ebay listings. No spam. No "come see my website".
The moderator is crabby and selective.

Kelly of Ohio in Michigan... headed home today with an eye on the
weather, planning to bake this week.

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Elizabeth Priddy on mon 1 may 06

Does potterbarter have searchable archives to be able
to price effectively? I am trying to price some
wheels and am having very little luck with it. I
think they are not worth much except for a very
specific use, which makes them so niche that they are
an albatross or white elephant.

But she want to research the price and I am trying to


Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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