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energy- was jury duty

updated tue 2 may 06


clennell on mon 1 may 06

Sour Cherry Pottery

> Dear Tony and Claybuds,
> Something that might warrant discussion on this list is the value of
> functional work when it is entered into a juried show. I wish that
> Canada or Ontario had a show like the Functional Show in the States.

Liz: Most great events are the doing of the energy and leadership of one or
a very few special people.
To illustrate leadership- the Hamilton Potters Guild put money in to buy the
beautiful Carnegie Library Building in Dundas for $250,000- cheap! the guy
that started Fusion almost 30 years ago Donn Zver is behind the fundraising
for this opportunity and plans are underway for a Atrium, gallery
expansion, administrative offices, Potter's Cafe, an actual walk of fame in
the sidewalk outside the gallery with potters names in stars like Hollywood.
If you have a vision it all starts around a glass of wine at a friends
house. It's how Donn started Fusion our provincial potters organization over
30 years ago. Donn will be one of the stars on the walkway. He is a force.
The kind that is needed to run crafts organizations. He has started a new
organization that will be the role model for all others to aspire to.
All you need to do is mention the Strictly Functional Show to a guy like
Donn and it'll be there and he might have the Prime Minister and the Queen
of England in attendence. he's that kind of energy.