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thanks for pit fire suggestions...

updated mon 1 may 06


Lori Doty on sun 30 apr 06

I would have had the barrel fired up yesterday after I loaded it Friday
evening but it rained all night Friday and most of the day Saturday.
Tried to get a fire or even a slight smoldering going this morning with
some charcoal and a propane torch, no go. Will have to wait for it all
to dry up and try again in a week or so.

I really wanted to get it going since I have my studio open this
weekend for a drive yourself tour the local art promotion folks have
on. Lucky me I'm the only potter.

I will let everyone know how it turns out once I do get it to light and
burn down.

Lori Doty
Slowly turning the tide.

Rolla, Missouri

Gary Navarre on sun 30 apr 06

Hay Lori,

Thanks for sendin the rain this way. I wanted to get out to cut some pine
to length but I'm rained off. Just let the tour know that weather is part of
the process and come back next week if they like. Maybe even attend the
firing when it clears up.

When I started wood firing my first tests of what fuel did to clay was in
Joe Funk's compounds camp fire burning barrel in Venice, California. Now
look what it's lead to. Building a new big o'll kiln. I made myself a second
measuring stick out of maple and decided to cut to 33" for the main stoke hole.

Good luck with the visitors and stay in there!

G in da U.P.