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surfing with helen bates - april 26, 2006 - usa, germany and uk sites

updated fri 28 apr 06


Helen Bates on wed 26 apr 06

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Surfing with Helen Bates - April 26, 2006 - USA, Germany and UK sites

Greetings, fellow "surfers! Most of the sites today are quite small,
but the last one may take some time to explore. It would be of special
interest to people researching British ceramics of the previous

David McDonald (Anchorage, AK, USA)
(Thrown and altered large open bowls the artist calls "Shield Mandalas"
and also large garden lanterns)

Doris Licht (Woodstock, NY, USA)(Formerly located in NYC)
(Sculpture of various mechanical items found in automobiles)

Eric Boos (Prescott, AZ, USA)
(Ceramic Platters and bowls with carved and glazed landscapes)

Gloria Hasse Gallery (Germany) (German only)
(Click on "Kunstler" and hover the mouse pointer over the names. If
the pointer changes to a hand, click on that name.)(You'll need to use
your "Back" button to return to the previous page.)

AHDS Visual Arts (Arts & Humanities Research Council Data Service) (UK)
(You can "search images" for ceramic keywords, or "learning and
teaching" and look for items such as: "Ceramic Decoration: a selective
guide to pots in the collection of the Crafts Study Centre"; "Pioneers
and their practice: a reference guide"; "The Life and Work of Bernard
Leach") (Use the red menu near the top of the page to navigate the
exhibition.) (Other links of interest would be: "The inspiration of
Marianne de Trey - necessity and decoration from cloth to clay"; and
"Oral testimony and the interpretation of the crafts";

Helen (Where the weather has been sunny but cool. Tulips are starting
to bloom... )

Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
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