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updated thu 27 apr 06


Judy Rohrbaugh on wed 26 apr 06

John, I use stains occassionally- well, last time was years ago.
But I just happen to be testing them again, as of last week, in fact.
What exactly are you trying to do?
I am currently mixing some in with engobes and also some in with a shiny white
glaze. All to be used at cone 6.
In the past I worked at cone 4, thought I got better colors by firing a bit lower.

In the past I mixed by eye. Putting what looked like approx 7% stain into the glaze, already wet in small jars, then used the colors to paint
overtop of white glaze.
I did the same thing as a test a few days ago to see what colors I have. So far,
everything is too light for what I want, so I am upping it next to more like 10%.
I hesitate to go higher than that.
I am using bought stains, Mason, Blue Heron, or something like that. plus
testing a stain from Standard to use in the engobes.

Putting stain into engobes is new for me, although I do work with engobes a lot.
I tried about 10%, too light. I am now trying to put glaze into the engobe to
punch it up. Started with 16%, I measured, dry.

I have not sprayed stains, but I have put glaze through an airbrush before. It
had to be quite thin.

I am not sure what you are using, but I suggest putting the stains into a clear
or white glaze to start. Try 7-10%.
What colors are you trying to get?
If you want to contact me off board, that's fine. I can let you know what I come
up with as I go.

Judy Rohrbaugh
Fine Art Stoneware

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