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nd school of mines/ roadshow expert

updated wed 26 apr 06


Lea Holland on tue 25 apr 06

Following the discussions on the history of the School of Mines, as well as the
debate over what collectors will pay for student work, I went to the RagoArts site
(, home of Suzanne Perrault, the expert that appeared on the
Roadshow. Her gallery of Craftsman era pottery is lovely, with extraordinary prices:

The above url is an archive of auctions of School of Mines work, and you'll find that
most of the prices are fairly modest, commensurate with the quality of the work.

The url above is for a Margaret Rudser vase circa 1950 that sold for $1000. The
description says: Fine, rare and tall NORTH DAKOTA SCHOOL OF MINES vase
carved with jack-in-the-pulpits and covered in a leathery matte brown glaze. Blue ink
circular stamp, Margaret Rudser Dec. ?50. 8" x 5"

I make no judgment on whether collectors and experts know what they are doing. I
have purchased pieces at auction and wonder about myself often.

Lea in sticky Memphis