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mostly for suppliers who read clayart

updated wed 26 apr 06


Cindy Bracker on tue 25 apr 06

Hi all,
I have now received 2 letters from different vendors of mine asking
me to send a business card to Craig Sheppard c/o the make a wish
foundation. I just wanted to give everyone else out there the heads
up that this is a fake. Go to
This is the Make-A-Wish website, which I went to to check the
validity of the letter when I first received it. I actually had
already gotten one of my business cards out and was trying to think
of 10 other businesses to send the letter to, when I got a strange
feeling. Anyway, those of you reading this who are potters, pass it
on to your suppliers if you are pretty friendly with them. It'll
save them some money in mailing costs.

Cindy Bracker
Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc.