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antique roadshow

updated wed 12 aug 09


Mike Gordon on wed 19 apr 06

I didn't see this particular show but I watch it often. You have to
remember that these appraisers are giving quotes that relate to other
collectors and collectors will often pay these high prices and even
higher if the object would be a valuable addition to their collection.
I know of collectors that collect bottle openers. They became valuable
when screw type lids on beer bottles became the norm. A friend of mine
has over a thousand flat figure image type openers. Collecting is a big
business to some and they will go to extremes to obtain the one opener
that is missing from his collection. Let the buyer beware! Same with
pottery. Mike Gordon

Barbara Brown on tue 11 aug 09

The Antique Roadshow is coming to San Jose, Ca. this Sat, August 15th. A=
couple of months ago people could go on the internet and apply for ticke=
ts. I applied and also sent out the information to our local potters gro=
up, ACGA. I was not chosen for a pair of free tickets. About a month a=
go, I got an email from Tuppy Lawson, asking me if I had gotten tickets, =
I emailed her back and said I did not so she told me she got the tickets =
and had to work that day and would send me her tickets. As you can imagi=
ne, I was thrilled.
Now the big decision on what to take to have appraised. I knew for sure =
I wanted to take a small bowl with Picasso Edition on the back. I paid $=
3.50 in a thrift store in Mt. View about 10 years ago. I have recently s=
een it in a Sotheby's auction catalog with estimated value of 1200 Euros.=

So we will be what they say on Sat. I decided for my second piece to tak=
e a small Beatrice Wood thrown bottle that I got about 20 years ago. It =
was gift to me from an older potter woman who needed help building a kiln=
and my sweet husband, Charley Brown, went and helped her. She had a cou=
sin living in Ojai, Ca. and he bought the vase for $50.
I will let you know next week how this all turns out.

Barbara Brown
1225 Manzano Way
Sunnyvale, Ca 94089
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